Jeff Bowman

Hello there!

This is the website of Jeff Bowman, a software engineer in San Jose, California. I am a graduate of the University of California Berkeley with a B.A. in Computer Science (2009), a former web developer at Livescribe Inc., and a software engineer at Google, Inc. in Mountain View. If you are interested in me and my work, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile, or contact me to talk about a project or request my formal résumé.

I am also an amateur designer of craft projects, particularly laser-cut creations that can be assembled with a home laser cutter. I have a separate website for those.

Well, are you looking for a job?

Not actively. I have a nice one for my life right now, and have no interest in finding a nice job in order to leave it for somewhere "better" in a year. However, knowing you miss 100% of the opportunities you don't find out about, I will not be offended if you contact me to let me know anyway. Please use only the contact form, InMail, or my professional gmail address containing my name. Any contact at my work or other personal email addresses will be taken as a sign of serious disrespect, and I will mark those messages as spam and will blacklist the recruiter, company, and recruiter's future employers.

I am currently located in San Jose, CA, and as a rule I am interested in positions in the South Bay no further north than Palo Alto.

Well, then what's the point of the site?

You tell me. Something brought you here, apparently.

At least tell me what kind of languages you know.

Well, I currently spend most of my time programming in Android Java with some Javascript and Python on the side. I also know BASH scripting, SQL, HTML/CSS, and a little bit of C/C++.

You sure I can't offer you a job?

Actually, you probably weren't thinking about that. But please. Feel free. No guarantees I'll respond, but hey, can't say I didn't warn you. Thanks!

Where can I find you?

profile for Jeff Bowman at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers